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Expansion of markets in domestic as well as international markets has become essential to sustain business in the current competitive environment. Know how you can expand your business.

hi ! admin my name is dilip . my work is Market research . i need some Articles post on my website as a resources for Studies ( before start new business ). Can I use your Articles post on my website . Link exchange policy. please write me thanks
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Dear Sir, To expand my business and go international I want to write a letter to foreign embassies in India and Indian embassy in foreign asking for name and link of businesses active in a particular product. Since I shall be writing to embassies, need your help what exactly should I mention so that the purpose gets fulfilled in short.
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Clearly state: what exactly do you need; why are you not able to get the information from publicly available sources;How will this information benefit you and others; how are you going to use this information. All of this assumes that the information you are seeking is not available through search engines. These days there is very little that is not available on the internet. Best wishes
Where i can find authentic and reliable information regarding market competition and trend in cleaning services in India. Please also specify some leading companies name in this sector. Thank you.