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Keep Bankers Informed Are you keeping your Bankers Informed about your Business Growth and the likely need for extra Working Capital? Don't wait till the last moment.
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Speed Up Business Processes Speed Up Business Processes using New Technologies. Simplify Flow of information between various teams serving the customers. Today it is possible to provide a unified view of the customer's interaction with the company. Enable your teams to collaborate and respond quickly and knowledgably to Leads and Sales Opportunities.
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Communication Costs VOIP Technologies like Skype, Google Talk - and now VOIP services on Android Phones can help you save communication and travel costs. Group Video calls on these services can be very effective alternative to group meetings involving travel and hotel costs.
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Clearly Defined Standards Do you have clearly defined Quality Standards for your Products & Services? How do you measure performance vs. defined standards?
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Serve on Your City or Town Body Serving on your City or Town Body can present many networking opportunities.
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Conduct Industry Research Conduct Research on your Industry and present the findings / summary reports at key events / media
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Credit History Is your customer's Credit history readily accessible?
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Cloud Computing Cloud Computing takes the form of web-based tools or applications that users can access and use through a web browser as if it were a program installed locally on their computer. This can speed up deployment, eliminate software up-gradation and maintenance costs. Overall, it can help your organisation leverage technology as well as minimise costs. Standardization of Business Processes in Cloud can eliminate geographical duplication and Promotes Collaboration.
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Centralized Repository of Sales / Marketing Information Create a Centralized repository of Sales & Marketing Information. Your Sales, Marketing as well as Customer Service teams, across the geographies, should be able to access the information they need without wasting any time. Centralized repository makes it easier to ensure that latest information is available to all concerned. Saves time & energy for everyone.
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Lease Equipments Lease of Office and other equipments can save you money on upfront capital costs, repairs, as well as replacement costs. Such options are now widely available
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