Schemes and their Benefits

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Schemes and their Benefits

Learn about various Policy Measures, Schemes and Incentives offered by Central and the State governments.

How can I get collateral free loan
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Pl see the details
but how ? this is the main question. banks eventually ask collateral security first then they move further, if you say we will go with credit guarantee scheme, they simply denies . so any body guide me what is exactly the procedure .
The scheme has been designed to provide collateral free loans to entrepreneurs. You can read complete details on CGTMSE website. Please see the list of Banks offering loans under CGTMSE scheme.
The schemes are only on paper the financial institutions don't have targets in this area, also they grant advances only for existing units, not for start-ups. I really need help in Hyderabad for a start-up under this scheme, can you help me to get the right people to approach, my project report and capital share from my side is ready, I have 16 years experience in the field, 13 years as technical lead and 3 years as sales lead. Really struggling need help to meet the right people to explain my project. I don't need working capital and break even is within 1 year. I need about 100 lakhs as Term Loan for purchase of equipment. My contribution is about 30 Lakhs.
Please let me know about the Scheme for Technology Upgradation/Establishment/ Modernisation of Food Processing Industries available under National Mission on Food Processing and procedure for making application (Self/Nodal Agency) as I am setting-up a new Food Processing Unit in Uttar Pradesh.
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Please see our "Resources: knowledge base" section and browse through various manuals on food processing industry. Kindly refer to the website of Ministry of food processing industries, and for various grants and schemes. Please go through this link for various guidelines issued by MOFP for 2013-17. You may also visit website of Government of Uttar pradesh for browsing various policies on food processing industry for the state.
I am going to fill Entrepreneur Memorandum (EM) with Director of industry Govt.of Delhi to register my Micro enterprise in service sector (cleaning services/building maintenance) EM has replaced earlier SSI Registration for MSME. My question is that is it mandatory for my proposed service to get DPCC consent certificate before filling EM. Since I need financial assistance for my start up and I will approach for that under CGFT scheme that require registration as a precondition for loan. please clarify.Thank you.
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This is a state specific question. Please consult area expert on this issue. Best Wishes
Is there any scheme other than CGFT which offer collateral free loan for start up.where MSME registration is not mandatory.thank you.
Thank you.
Is MCD clearance necessary for cleaning service ? i have listed Hospitals ,corporate offices Metro platforms AND commercial apartment to whom I will offer my service in my EM .So i want information in this regard. thank you.