Language Lessons

People are providing a variety of language lessons these days. If you are proficient in a language, this would be relatively easy to implement.

Coaching Institute

Open a coaching institute which gives coaching for some particular entrance or scholarship exams or for general school and college work. Initial capital requirement is moderate and the venture can be profitable.

Personalized Children books

Make personalised story books with the child's name incorporated in the stories as a character.

Etiquette Training

The organization helps in training and grooming young children, teens or young adults.

Reference Websites

Create websites for professionals like doctors, lawyers solving their issues. The organization will earn the profits by advertisements on the site.

Case Study Portal

The website provides case studies for a wide array of topics for better understanding of concepts. The organization makes profit by advertisements on the site.


Understanding concepts which are highly technical and explaining to the people or organizations what they mean for a fee. The technical concept could be field dependent.

Financial jargons made easy

Finance is such a field which is full of jargons and, unlike any other field, today, understanding these jargons in the field of finance has become very important for any individual who wishes to manage his wealth. Thus if you are from the field of finance you can cater to this need of simplifying these financial jargons and helping the common man understand it conceptually.

Fun filled learning

Blending the education concepts with dance, drama and music to instigate confidence, speech and communication skills in kids is a marvelous business idea.
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