Electrical & Electronic Products

Manufacturing cables or wires

Manufacturing cables for a wide array of applications like communication, power etc.

Welding Equipment

Providing welding equipment to other organisations for easy joining.

Comparison Shopping In Home Appliances

Provide household appliances at a cheaper price by reducing maintenance and capital costs. This can be done by having a showroom containing no prototypes of standard items but only pamphlets or pictures to make the customers decide before putting in the final order.

Inductive Charging

Inductive charging uses electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. It thus eliminates the use of wires between charging station and the device that needs to be charged. This could further be expanded to make wireless charging. Though a lot of research has to be done in this field, it can be the way of the future with widespread applications from Health measures to Entertainment.

LED Lighting

LED lights are becoming popular among consumers. LEDs & LED rope lights can last for years and can help save significant amount of money due to lower energy costs. LED bulb is capable of adjusting intensity, light temperature, and even color in ways that are impossible with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. In sign displays, LED diodes can outlast fluorescent tube lighting by many years, saving money in the long term. Plus, the number of possible color combinations that can be achieved with an LED screen is close to infinite, providing an unprecedented amount of flexibility.


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