Pet Shows

The organization sets up pet shows in various cities at various times. In these events prizes are given to pets based on some categories. The revenues are generated by having many companies advertise their pet food items during the event.

Party Plan Sales

Hosting social events where marketing and selling of products of other organizations occur.

Advertising with Entertainment

The organization will create videos which are disguised to be meant for entertainment but they do also serve as advertising for some companies. The video is not centered on the product yet the viewer will be influenced.

Finance Sport Teams

Finance or sponsor college or community sports teams and get a share of the winning price if the team wins.

Sports Leagues

We all know how successful a sporting league like the IPL has become. You may also create such a league at a small scale. You may want to venture into other sports and martial arts which the people usually are not aware of but are very interesting. Developing sport will also provide you with assistance from the media and other business houses as well as you could get incentives from the Government.

Entertainment Company

It could be anything that you are good at or is a hobby, maybe dance, music, theatre etc. You can get together with similar like minded people and start your own company and impart them to the people. The people are always willing to learn some new exotic dance form or a musical instrument. It can be a small but flourishing business and you dont have to spend a lot of time or money also in building it.

Video Game Parlours

Setting up a video game parlour can be a good business opportunity. You could have various forms of entertainment such as pool tables, table tennis also along with them. You could also incorporate the new development in technology such as motion sensing, gaming consoles, tablets etc. and provide more of a fun element to the people. Also there could be an inhouse eatery or a bar so that people could stay there for relaxation and hangout.

DJ mixer console on rent

Providing music mixer console on rent to learner DJ's (Disc Jockeys) or to new DJ's performing

3D entertainment

This is a new form of entertainment in India which provides an experience of virtual reality. Hence 3D, 4D and 5D theatres which provide new experience to the viewers are rapidly growing in India. And this experience is unique since it is multisensory.

Musical Instrument Sales

If you have a passion for music you can sell a variety of musical instruments to your customers.

Hobby Classes

Give hobby classes to children or adults like teaching instuments like guitar, sports like football and arts and crafts. Requires a small capital and is easy to manage.


The organization sets up and runs arcades which have arcade games for kids, teenagers and young adults .
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