Herbal Products

The organization will manufacture and/or distribute herbal products. This has the potential to be profitable as many people prefer these products as they use natural, non toxic ingredients.


The organization will send people who have knowledge about acupuncture to improve the health and fitness of clients for a fee.

Eye Care Center

Today not many people pay attention to their eyes. As also now people view spectacles from a style perspective. Hence an eye care center has great opportunities to develop.

Nail art salon

A Salon offering various nail art services like nail painting, nail piercing, nail decoration and nail lacquering in addition to services like manicure, pedicure, hand/foot spa, hand/foot massage. This emerging trend is popular among Indian women.


Nutrition is big in everybody's minds these days. People want to live longer, eat healthier, think smarter and weigh less.  As a nutritionist, you or your organization will help your clients achieve all these goals through a variety of techniques. You can act as a consultant to restaurants and food manufacturers or act as a personal Dietician, give classes and seminars, or work with health clubs and health-conscious companies.

Ambulance Service

Get into a contract with a hospital or directly set up a service for providing ambulances.

Nursing Facilities

Having an agency which provides nurses to patients.
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