Community Restaurant Guide

Starting a business that creates and publishes a monthly community restaurant guide is a very simple business venture. This guide will contain information on new eateries, menu charges and coupons of some outlets.

Make-It-Yourself Restaurants

Here, people can choose their own ingredients what they want and they can get the dish specially made for themselves rather than just ordering off the menu. The guests can also be given a choice as to whether they want to take part in the preparation of a dish which can also be served to other guests in the restaurant.

Designing Restaurant Menus

This involves designing of menus for restaurants at a subsidised rate in order to gain permission by the restaurant to have advertisements of other companies in the menus. This also involves photography and a general love for food.

Health Spas

As the stress levels are increasing among the people day by day, they are turning to spas and massage parlours for a sense of relaxation. You could set up a massage parlour and also customize a theme for it viz. Thai, Kerala etc. and also get people from those places to maintain the authenticity. It maybe a bit of an expenditure in the beginning but their definitely is a market and might run quite successfully once set up well.

Meat Substitute Restaurants

With growing concern for animal welfare, meat substituted products have grown in popularity. This popularity can be used to make profits by opening a restaurant with all meat substitutes.

Shoe laundry

The concept of shoe laundry is new. People now have become aware of their choice and hygiene of footwear and hence expect a long life for their expensive shoes. Therefore Footwear laundry and repair service shop has great potential to develop in the market since it lacks good shoe service providers.

Pay as you Wish Restaurants

In these restaurants, drinks have fixed prices but the customers decide how much to pay for the food. In these settings the customer usually pays the fair price and the restaurant can sometime still end up with a good profit.

Doughnut joint

Doughnuts have increasingly gained recognition in the Indian bakery industry. Acknowledging this potential many international brands are looking to enter the Indian market and hence a doughnut shop in various metros can have potential.

Mobile Breakfast Catering

With growing increase in work hours, people find it difficult to cook breakfast or go out to eat it. This organization will cater to their needs by having stalls at particular places where people can take away or stand and eat before going for work.

Juice bar

As a result of increasing demand for healthy juices rather than roadside juice carts, a juice bar/lounge can dominate the market. It would provide the mix of taste with hygiene as also relaxation.

Medical Tourism Consulting

In each country the cost of medical treatments vary. This organization will act as a consultant in order to provide advice on Quality treatment at an economical cost. Tour to the country will be an additional bonus.

Organic restaurant

Restaurant selling organic and natural food can cater to the needs of the health conscious section of the Indian society.

Service Apartments

Service apartments - fully furnished, serviced apartments for short to medium duration stay, are becoming popular.

Yoghurt parlor

Selling Frozen yoghurt is an international business concept gaining extensive popularity in India. Yoghurt or curd is popular as a desert in the Indian population. A parlor selling different flavors of frozen yoghurt can do the trick for sweet lovers. Also providing home delivery can boost the business.


People are becoming more health conscious. Opening a gym with facilities like weight training, cardio training, steam, sauna, massage, altitude training chamber, nutritional guidance, personal training etc can be a good business.

Group Discounts

The organization will make deals with a restaurant to give a particular discount to customers and a fee to you. The organization then has to put the discounts on their site to get the maximum number of customers which gives it the maximum profit. If the organization is not able to get enough customers then also the restaurant gets publicity therefore it is a win-win for everyone.

Underwater Restaurant

The restaurant will be below the sea or pool level. The walls will be made of a transparent material like acrylic or glass. Facilities should be present to reach this restaurant easily. This has the potential to be profitable due to Innovative concept

Adventure Tourism

The organization handles various trekking or camping tours for people who want to have an adventurous vacation.

Retirement Homes

Provide lodging, care and services and cater to the specific needs of your customers and their families.

Raw Food Restaurant

Start a restaurant for people who are health conscious. The restaurant will serve an assortment of fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains.

Bed and Breakfast

Is fast becoming very popular with travelers. Provide your customers with a place to rest at night and a meal in the morning.

Old Style Restaurant

The restaurant can have a menu which is comprising of traditional dishes, cooked in a traditional way, served traditionally and the restaurant can have a traditional decor.

Specialty Travel

Develop a different travel business - have a speciality and differentiate it from other travel businesses. Think about your potential customers and design tours and activities around them.


Giving houseboats on rent for parties of personal or professional nature.

Hotel Equipment

Provide equipment that hotels constantly need.


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