Softwares to Record Child Performance

Create a software which records and tracks children's academic performance and behaviour throughout his/her growing years to help parents decide which profession is most suitable for them.


Though the idea is not new, people can use their mobile phone or some other handheld device as a wallet so that they don't have to carry cash. Wireless money can be transfered between accounts and people would never have the requirement of paper money thus also being eco-friendly. It has been underdevelopment but it can be made more accessible.

Mobile Application Development

The mobile application business is booming thanks to Android and Apple. You can develop applications for these platforms and sell on their marketplaces/stores.

Software Development

Develop and create new computer software for your client.

Call Centre

Provide Value Added Services for companies which use the phone service for enquiries, product orders, etc.

Providing EPABX solutions

Provide EPABX solutions to offices, homes or institutes for better security.

Office Records Management

The organization will manage the office records for a fee. Managing will include organizing the files, creating a digital copy and fireproofing the important files.

Software Security

Providing software security solutions for computers as well as mobiles.

Graphic Designing

Designing logos for major organizations or brands for a fee.

Social Networking Site for Musicians

The organization will have a website which allows musicians to put up their portfolios, audios or videos and people can hire them directly through the site. The site will take some commission for the jobs given.

'How To ........' Videos

The organization creates 'how to ......' videos for a large number of tasks. The profit is made from the advertisements on the website.

Algorithm Developer for Teams

Create algorithms that determine which people will work better in which team through a collection of objective questions. Thus the group made will be made impartially and personal equations will not be considered. This is of growing importance as in most organizations team based approach for problem solving is followed.

Content Creation

The organization will create the content for websites of other companies. This will be done either on contract basis or for a fixed fee.

Software Troubleshooting

Get into contracts with major software providers to solve customer problems.

Placement Algorithms

Create an algorithm that can determine the best fit for a job in the span of milliseconds. For doing this both applicants and the recruiters give answers to either yes/no questions or grading questions in the scale of ten. The program then gives the perfect job fit.
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