Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are used in festivals and other family occasions. The organization will provide custom made gift baskets for these occasions.

Public Opinion Poll

Conduct Public Opinion Poll on various Products and Services

Used Bookstores

These bookstores sell used and out of print books either through shops or online. People can also sell used books to the store.

Garbage Disposal

Daily tons and tons of waste is generated. However, the people dump all of this waste in one place and it eventally goes in a land fill and no use is made of it. Instead if the waste was segregated into iron scrap, recyclable plastic, biodegradable waste etc. they could be sent to the respective plants and can be used again for other things. However, the first step would be to create awareness among the consumer level but a service rendering waste management can also be set up.

Event Management

Organize key events for your clients

Nursery Plant Business

In this business, more than just growing beautiful plants, a good knowledge of sales, marketing and finance is required. This business requires moderate capital and a large number of technical skills.

Expense Reduction Consultancy

Help companies decrease expenses in order to improve profits. The organization charges a fee for this service.

Amphibious Advertising

This technique uses inflatable display systems. Thus the billboard can be placed on any surface, land or water - caters to a larger segment of the target market.

Security Services

A large number of public places like restaurants, shops, cafes, cinema theatres, mallls etc. are coming up. Security is a major concern for all these places as they have to be cautious of burglars and other dacoits from infiltrating into their stores. Also if you are technologically oriented, you could deal in the manufacturing of stealth devices such as cctv cameras, sensors, alarms etc.

Security Solutions

Provide end to end security solutions, from guards to security systems.

Owning a Franchisee

This requires a high initial capital but then managing the organisation is not difficult as the parent organisation will provide the required skills and expertise.

Coffee Mugs

Designing custom made coffee mugs to be used in large corporate organizations with their company logo and vision.

Waiting Room TV Advertisement

The advertising here is done in waiting rooms of doctor's rooms, government offices, bank offices. etc. An advertisement or video clip of some product is shown. This has the potential to expand into airports and stations as well.

Detective Agencies

It can be a very important part of an organization to know more about their employees, recruitment and also other people they do business with. A detective company can help them in gathering such information. They may also be used for personal issues also.

Wedding Planners

This is a growing service. Plan weddings from start to finish for your clients.

Garage Sale Organiser

The organization will help organizing garage sales or yard sales for people and keep a fraction of the profit. The initial capital is low but good knowledge of sales and marketing is required.

Trash Transformation Business

The organization will either recycle the trash or use that trash to make items which can be sold to make profits like collages and wall hangings.

Selling Audio Books Online

The website will allow people to buy and/or download audio books on a wide range of subjects, starting from cooking recipes to academic books.


Services are being provided in many fields. For example: management, finance, legal and marketing. If you are a professional you may want to think about consultancy.

Providing Cooling Solutions

Providing cooling solutions for industries or households.

Background Check

The organization will do a background check of potential employees and clients of a company for a fee.

Small Business Coaching

The organization will give tips and help to small scale businesses on budget and feasibility of the business idea.


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