Manufacturing Speciality Soaps

This business can be easily set-up with a moderate capital. There are a large number of techniques which can be used for  manufacturing and coupled with good advertising can make this a profitable venture.

Online Shopping Site

Online Shopping is getting more and more popular. Online shopping can be hassle free and can help customers save money by providing opportunities for comparision shopping. Look for unserved segments or specialized markets for profitable opportunities.

Auction Selling

You can sell and resell products through online sites like ebay, amazon for a profit

Stationary Gifts

These gifts would be low priced, everything in it will be usable and they would thus be perfect as return gifts for children's birthday parties.

Car Spa

Car owners love to keep their Vehicles squeaky clean. Provide service of through cleaning & polishing of Car inside-out. This service can be provided on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Employee Training Service

The company will give specialized sessions for motivation and orientation of new employees for other organizations which have a contract with this company.

Safety Equipment in Households & Office

Manufacture and sell products which improve the safety of children and elders in the house. Also manufacture equipments focussed on corporate security.

Search Engine Marketing

The organization helps in improving the visibility of a website by paying the search engine and giving advertisements which are related. This is required as when the visibility increases the frequency of the site being seen and used increases.

Exotic Dog Breeds

Many new dog breeds like pugs and rottweilers are making their way into the Indian markets. This organization will therefore take care of the puppies and breed purebred dogs for customers who will then buy it from them.


Share a Luxury Car for a Fixed Number of Days in a year. The concept is of Shared Ownership with well defined Rules and Comprehensive Insurance

Urban Farming

Urban farming is a relatively newer phenomena. The organization would provide guidance, required skills and supplies to make it easier for a household to do urban farming.

Weather Control Solutions

Providing weather control solutions like solar shields for commercial or residential buildings so that the temperature and conditions remain optimum.

Automatic Food Dispenser For Pets

This food dispenser automatically gives out food of specific quantity at a specific time for dogs and cats when the owners are away.

Birds Sales

Pure bred pigeons and cockatiel birds are desired by many as they can be trained easily. This organisation will look into this.

Concrete Restoration

Concrete flooring in public buildings is nomally dull and ugly due to scratches. A new opportunity has therefore presented itself of resurfacing concrete.

Solar Lamps

Manufacturing and installing solar lamps for reducing dependence on electrical energy.

Vacation Home Exchange

The organization helps in getting two parties who want to spend their vacation at each others houses. For example if a family in Assam want to spend their vacation in Dehradun and vice versa, the organization will co-ordinate so that in their vacations they can stay at each others houses. This will be done for a commission.

Customized Sketching Services

The organization has artists which create sketches of customers for a fixed fee. The customers can be people who want to capture the special moments of their lives like first date, marriage, newborn, family get together, friends' reunion etc. The sketch artist can either draw from an existing photo or can visit the customer for drawing live. 

Scrap Metal Dealers

These dealers collect scrap metal from households and then sell it to big industries for a profit. This requires very small capital.

Souvenier Stores

Open souvenier stores selling gift items and novelty articles at strategic locations.

Animal Assisted Therapy Services

Provide animals like dogs to assist therapy of mentally challenged and/or patients undergoing severe stress. This uses the fact that these animals have a healing and calming affect on the people.

Waste management

In such a highly populous country like India, managing water is becoming a growing concern. And waste is something whose production has no end. Till mankind exists he will keep producing waste. Thus, this world will always be in need of waste management service providers. Waste management includes collection, treatment, recycling, disposal of numerous waste.


The organization will help in looking after gardens for households, public places and companies.

Hazardous Waste Collection

Collecting hazardous and toxic wastes from industries and safely disposing it.

Breeding Exotic Fishes

These fishes are bred in particular environments with particular food requirements. This is of growing popularity as people now believe that fishes carefully chosen could vary the overall decor of the room.


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