Finding Sales Leads

The organization will help other companies in finding potential markets and segments of a particular product for a fee.

Agriculture Consultancy

The organization will give advice on which crops are best suitable to the particular conditions like climate, irrigation facilities, capital etc. For this the organization will take a consultancy fee.

Total Quality Management Consultancy

The organization gives assistance to other companies to improve the quality of the products and the efficiency of operations for a fee.

Social Media Consulting Service

The organization will give assistance to other companies to create a better social media presence. This is of importance as with growing popularity of social networking presence, enterprises can do much better if they have an active social media presence.


The organization will find suitable roommates for a rented flat. This is of growing importance as,  with the real estate prices rising, renting the entire flat becomes too expensive.

Organising Service

Now a days people don't have time and they would be willing to pay for Professional Organising Services. Suitable for individuals who already possess these traits.

Translation Service

International commerce is growing fast. Even though many believe English is the world's language, it is not. Thus, having an agency which provides Translators can be a very profitable organization.

Free Lance Writing Services

A number of companies need writing services on regular basis. This can be an attractive full time or Part Time work if you possess the necessary skills.


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