Child Day Care Centre

Due to large number of working parents, day child care becomes a huge problem. This organization will be catering to these needs by taking care of the young children during the day.

Drop-in Your Child Centre

Provide facilities where parent can leave their children at a child friendly place whenever required. This need to becoming more and more apparent with working parents, and even with others, in time of need

Installation of Appliances

Either go into a contract with the company (or distributor) or directly approach the customer to install ithe appliance.

Franchise Opportunities

Look for Franchise opportunities in your area. smallB has a number of opportunities listed. You can begin your search with smallB and contact the companies expressing your interest

Apprenticeship Training

The organization will link the apprentice to an accomplished person in that field for a fee.

Memory Book Creation Services

People have boxes full of old priceless photographs. Provide services for creation of attractive memory books, DVDs etc from pictures. You need skills, a computer and scanner for getting into this business. Very inexpensive.

Team Building Training

Companies work with a team structure. Provide Team building Training facilities to organisations in order to improve productivity and to reduce inter-personal conflicts

Designer Wear For Your Temple

A shop which sells dresses,jewelry and other items used as offerings for seeking god's blessings. This concept has  potential as selling designer wear for idols is an unique idea.

Professional Speech Writing

For important events it is required that the speeches spoken are good. The organization will make speeches for the speakers at some cost.

NGO consultancy

Provide low cost services to existing and prospective Non Governmental Organizations, especially in the interior areas of the country.

Virtual Assistance

Through email the organization will manage most assistant jobs like fixing meetings, providing schedules and writing various proposals for a fee.

Posters online retail

An online site exclusively made to sell posters. Sports and entertainment related posters are popular among teenagers.


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