In a small area create a multilevel parking complex and charge the cars who want to park there. The location of this parking space is of prime importance.

Car Pools

Coordinate people for car pools to their work. This is beneficial for them as they save on transport and good for you as you have a get a commission. It requires an initial large customer base.

Aviation Services

With the advent of smaller aircrafts, flying has become more accessible to the public. If you have avid interest in flying then you can set up a flying club along with your friends. You can also conduct training sessions for the people. At the same time you could ferry these planes or helicopters between locations and make money as a taxi service.

Auto Service Station

There is a drastic increase in the number of cars and vehicles due to the growning population. Therefore you may think about setting up an after sales service centre. It could cater to all the needs of the cars and provide them servicing. Also you may start a second hand dealership which could also be very profitable.

Mover For Pet Transportation

Normally while moving from one place to another, people find it difficult to move pets. The organization helps in easy transportation of these pets.

Air Charter

Provide companies and other organizations chartered aircrafts for a particular cost for transportation of people and/or products.
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