Discover information relevant to MSME exporters in this section.

Documentary Requirements

Know what documentary requirements are present if you decide to become an exporter.

Pre-Shipment Credit

Learn about pre-shipment credit - a form of export finance where the exporter is provided with credit prior to the shipment of goods.

Post-Shipment Credit

Know about post-shipment credit, which is a form of financing provided to exporters after goods have been shipped.


Learn about the factoring mechanism, which is an essential part of export finance.

Trade Data Analysis

Learn how to conduct trade data analysis in this section.

Government Agencies/Organisations for Trade Facilitation

Here you will find links to various organisations which provide support to exporters.

How To Become an Exporter

Discover essential steps on how to become an exporter of goods.

Trade Regulations

Regulations are present in every aspect of business. Find out more about Indian rules and regulations regarding international trade and how they might affect you. Access various trade agreements India is a signatory to.

Export Support


Learn more about Government initiatives designed to assist exporters.

Export Finance

Export Finance

Discover information related to the various financing possibilities regarding exports and relevant documentary requirements.

Mitigating Exchange Rate Risk

Gain insights on how to effectively manage exchange rate risks- a risk to which you will be exposed to if involved in international trade.

Export Destinations

Export Destinations

Gain insight on countries you may want to consider as export destinations. Browse through Country Data, Economic Indicators and information on its bilateral ties with India.

Trade Barriers

Trade Barriers

Discover information on trade barriers and how they might affect you and the products you wish to export. For example, some countries may ban the import of certain goods and you need to know about such barriers of trade.

Comprehensive Database on Exports

Comprehensive Database on Exports: Know all about Export-Imports Procedures, Norms, Schemes, Finance Options, Trading Info & more.

Special Economic Zones

Learn all about Special Economic Zones in this section

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