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Thinking of Starting a Business

Are you bored of your job and thinking of being your own boss. Get help from us and other people and be a part of this forum to start your own business.

I want to start manufacturing Ladies Handbag and then want to jump into all kind of bag manufacturing, but i dont know from where to start...kindly help me out
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You may please see the following link
hey i have my bag pic . which is made by me . give me ur email id i wl send you picx. chk out my picx . dnt know u will lyk it . n i hv same idea wid Difference .
Hi, Starting and executing a business is almost like solving a mathematical problem, this means that you need a very structured approach. Steps you should follow: 1. Define what sort of ladies bags you want to manufacture? Using specific materials, for specific occasion/use like formal bags, office bags or casual bags etc. 2. Study your competition and identify which are the bags manufacturers and how you could offer something better than them 3. Create a few samples and show to buyers to assess their interest in buying your bags. Once you receive a minimum number of orders, start your production for those bags. Don't make heavy investments in equipment upfront unless you get a few customers on board. 4. You may also identify some niche market needs where no one or very few bag manufacturers work. These could be different geographic areas where there's less competition or where you could introduce some different kind of bags. Hope this helps, Good luck
Hi, I was thinking of something very similar. Did you actually start it? How is it going? If not, maybe we can talk about starting something together?
I want to start Ladies Handbag manufacturing unit, and later on want to jump into all kind of bag manufacturing, whether its promissing business idea?
Hi,I am from Assam and can you guys please provide me some ideas of starting my own business in Assam...
Hi, I am thinking about an idea of starting a paper cup manufacturing unit how coud I study about this sector. Who can help me with this
I am Engineer graduate and thinking for start new business but dont know are for business . Can you help me with new Idea for business
1. First you should write the basic idea - a product or service 2. Think Think ........Think 100 times till you are satisfied with "how this can add value to a consumer" 3. Do some research on google on similar product or service and learn all possible aspects 4. If you are confident that your business idea can make a difference to a consumer, present it your family member/close friends 5. Seek their feedback. If the preliminary feel is good, invest time further on the idea, conceptualize it and seek the assistance of a professional business plan expert 6. If you are able to complete up to step 5 without loosing interest, there is a business man in you... Wishing you the very best
I have started mine online business for different consumer goods like cloth, electronics, accessories, appliances and more. Now i want some suggest about how to improve mine business that's why i join this forum.
Hello, I am a final year Student (female). I have started an online business where I sell fashion accessories via different online marketplaces. I want to build a brand out of it now where I can offer products from different artists all around the world. But I am having no idea about How to register this business. I handle every process single handedly, from photography to editing, advertising, shipping , logistics etc. I am even confused about the type of business this is like sole-proprietorship or private company? Kindly guide me with the exact procedure to register my business. Thanks a lot for your help Kanika Goel
Hey Nikhil Here .. i want to know 1) which type of fashion accessories? 2)you want to expand your business ? 3)which online market places you are using ? share me link of your products. contact
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Please see the following link for preliminary understanding of the basic steps.
Hi, I have an idea in IT industry, but i want to know what permissions/registration should i take/needed to start this. any help in this regard is highly appreciated.
explain Your idea buddy .. contact me
jayesh bhandari
Hi, I want to enter into Solar PV System integration in Maharashtra. Please tell me which kind registrations are required for this.
I Want to start Business but Don't know , from were to start iam young & very interested in Business can someone help me ,,,
hi , I m Bhaswati from Assam . i want to start up a food processing industry within 5lakhs . Can someone plz help ..
I want to start a business of button making of cloths. But i am confused about what kind of machinery, raw material and money would be needed in this business. Any kind of suggestion would be very helpful for me.
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Please see the following link for for details.
Avi Singh
I want to start an website designing and software development company with 3 more friends having equal partnership. We all are engineers and to support funding we are providing vocational training and project guidance to engineering students. In future we also want to involve in e-governance networking and maintenance projects in India. Which type of company we need to form and what process we need to follow ? Please Help. Regards
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Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP) would be simple to set up. It would also provide you Protection against Financial Risks. Please see full details here:
vijay khandalkar
Hi friends, My qualification is BSc, D.Pharm & having expirience of 7 years in marketing in Mumbai. Now I am int 0rest ed in opening a fanchise with a reputed company for promoting it's product. Maarketing can be of any type. Kindly call upon no08805736014
I am a post graduate in commerce and engaged in the business of Iron & Steel selling last 8 yrs in kolkata.Right now I want to do the engineering,fabrication & construction work relating to the Iron & Steel products.In this regard I made a private limited company.There are so many scope in Iron & Steel work. So please help me for the proper type of work,business plan and funding opportunities.
supriya bhardwaj
Hi myself supriya from chandigarh. I want to start my own business of selling medical books.But i don't know how to start it.Please help me to make a start, from where should i begin?? waiting for reply...pls revert back asap thanx
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1. Visit all colleges in your town. 2. Visit all book stores and understand whether they are conveniently located. 3. Is there a shortage of medical books / medical book stores? 4. Find out which particular books are needed? 4. Find out and contact the sources of supply / wholesale markets. Visit Markets in Delhi to find cheapest sources of supply. 5. Make your business plan. proceed if the business promises to be profitable. 6. Locate your book store at a convenient location for your Target customers.
Arvind Singh
Hi, I am thinking of starting a small steel manufacturing unit with key input as scrap. I would like to know the basic approximate requirements including initial capital investment for the plan.
I wanted to start food or ready made cloths chain. Is it required to register a company for this. Or it is ok if i just register the shop details.
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If you want to open a chain of food/clothing brand outlet, it is better to get the brand name trade marked so that it cannot be copied/used by others (below link gives the details for getting trade marked): The below link provides details of type of organizations that you can register your business under: Best Wishes
as new member i would like to say happy to be here.I m starting an event management firm in nagpur but not aware of legal formalities involved in it.Also would like to register it as a sole proprietarship firm or Shop or establishment act can anybody help me out from where to start the formalities.
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Please see the following section for the details. Kindly check locally for the rules and regulations specific to your area. Sole Proprietorship has minimal formalities in any case. Best wishes. Link: