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What is smallB.in

Promotion of Entrepreneurship is increasingly being recognised as an important means of unleashing the productive and innovative potential of the youth. It is one of the primary sources of job creation, economic competitiveness and prosperity.
smallB.in is SIDBI’s attempt to inspire all individuals to look at the business opportunities all around and  to demystify and simplify the process of establishing a business in India.

Who can benefit from smallB.in

smallB.in will address the needs of  Budding Entrepreneurs, New Entrepreneurs as well as Existing Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.

Benefits to Budding Entrepreneurs

Unravel   the process of identification  of Business Opportunities
Generate Ideas and  learn from some of the most successful Start-ups in the world
Find Links and Resources for Franchise Opportunities available in India
Access Technologies from IITs and other premier Institutions for Commercialization
Learn how to go about Evaluation of  the Right Business Opportunity
Discover the essential Steps involved in Incorporating a New Business in India

Benefits to Startups / New Entrepreneurs

Information on various Forms of Business Organisation
Key Steps, Regulations & Procedures involved in Setting up of a New Enterprise – all at one place.
Easily access Policy Measures, Schemes and Incentives offered by Central and the State governments
Learn all about various sources of Finance and how to capitalise a business.
Learn the essentials of Accounting, Capital Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, Insurance and Taxation
Guidance on the "do's" and "don'ts" of approaching a Bank/Financial Institution/Venture Capital Organisation.
Understand what constitutes a typical Bank's lending criteria. 
Understand the reasons why a Business Plan is essential and how to go about it?
Learn how to prepare a Detailed Project Report for a Bank / Financial Institution. Also understand the process of Disbursement of Sanctioned Assistance.
Learn how to access Collateral Free Loans from Banks in India
Learn about Venture Capitalists in India and how to approach them
Access Bank Forms of various Banks in India. Choose by Category; by amount of Finance; and by the Bank.

Benefits to Existing Entrepreneurs

Information and Guidance on how to manage and grow a business effectively
Understand Fundamentals of Business Strategy as well as Marketing
Learn how to Establish and Protect Business Identity.  Access information on Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Designs & Geographical Indicators
Information on various Credit Rating Agencies and how Credit Rating can help MSME Enterprises.
Easily Access Reports, Case Studies, Best Practices, White Papers, Standards & Certifications.
Comprehensive Database on Exports. Information on Export-Imports Procedures, Norms, Schemes, Finance Options, Markets & more.

Interactive by Design

smallB Forum -  a platform for discussions and inputs from subject matter experts.